TIMELY TIPS: Allergy-suffering pets come in all sizes and shapes, but they all have the same needs - and we have several PROVEN SAFE, EFFECTIVE Natural Allergy and Pest Control Solutions - to build up the immune system's resistance to allergens and pests. Symptoms such as runny noses, yeasty ears, hot spots, rubbing, scratching and biting are more easily resolved than you might imagine. Ending, at times, years of chronic drug use, and suffering, regardless of previous condition! Ask us today how we can help you, help your pet, help themselves.

sojos-fromm-kurgoNEW PRODUCTS! The Holistic Animal Care Shoppes are excited and proud to announce that we are now carrying Sojos, Fromm, and Kurgo brand products. Stop by either of our 2 locations and check out our selection. 

Are you looking for information about our Shoppes? You’re in luck, because you can find that right here.

Till August 31: Save $2.50 on Azmira G’ Drops. Homeopathic remedy formulated by Dr. Newman for fast relief of common allergy symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes and itching.

Till August 31: 20% off Para*Clear – Nature’s easiest, safest, miracle pest control powder, for indoor and outdoor use. Most cost-effective preventative product because it lasts, going a long way to keeping your pets pest-free! 

Till August 31: Save $2.50 on Azmira D’Toxifier. Formulated by Dr. Newman, this homeopathic remedy helps eliminate allergies and other upsets. 

Till August 31: Pest Control support from Azmira Giardia & Parasitic D’Tox (helps prevent Heart-worm, plus reversing the majority of blood borne and intestinal parasites/worms) AND Azmira Neem Spray (which can be used as-is for a dip to rid a pet of fleas and ticks; or sprayed-on as needed during outings – to protect from picking up pests along the way!) – Save $2.50 off either product.

ASPCA Challenge (June – August)

Pima Animal Care Center is participating the the ASPCA $100K Challenge: A contest in which 50 shelters across the country compete to break their own records saving the lives of animals. Throughout the months of June, July and August 2014, each competing shelter must save more dogs, cats, puppies and kittens than they did during the same three months in 2013. 

There are thousands of pets needing forever homes. Ask about our Rescue Rewards $ 10 “Bark Bucks” good towards anything in the store! 

July 15      National Pet Fire Safety Day

July 31      National Mutt Day

August 3 – 9      International Assistance Dog Week

This week was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disability related limitations.  Our staff can help you learn how to keep your four-legged helper happy and healthy for many years to come!


Q&A: My Veterinarian recommends topical pest preventatives for my naturally raised pet. Will it hurt them? During 2006-2007, Dr. Newman and her staff reported that 100% of Lymphosarcoma cases in dogs (common deadly cancer) who sought Azmira’s help, were previously given several rounds of Oral and Topical heart-worm, flea & tick preventative ‘medications’ that are now believed to be the triggers of these cancer cases. In reality, you are ‘poisoning’ your pet monthly in hopes that a pest bites them, ingesting the poison, and dies before reproducing. “In reality,” Dr. Newman teaches, “your pet is also being poisoned! Nature doesn’t kill the body, in order to protect it!”