TIMELY TIPS: Is your dog or cat a bit aggressive, perhaps fearful, obsessive, frustrated, anxious or hates to be left alone – resulting in destructive behavior? You are not alone! Behavioral problems account for the majority of abused and abandoned pets each year, while many others end up alone and suffering in the back yard due to simple misunderstandings about their true emotional needs. Regardless of their history, or even if you don’t know of it, perhaps due to adoption, we can help you! We now have TUFFY® and Mighty Dog® Toys which are “tiger-tested” to be virtually indestructible, providing hours of entertainment to reduce boredom, a major source of disciplinary problems. We also carry Azmira® “Flower Power” remedies to help with attitude adjustments. Find out more about us HERE.


Since Nature is the ultimate chef for dogs, Nature’s Kitchen® combines the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative cooking process in the industry to create the healthiest and most nutritionally balanced food for your dog. Your dog’s health is our focus, so we maintain the highest standards for our ingredients – ALL Natural, NO preservatives, NO byproducts, NO fillers, NO meals, NO binders, and absolutely NO wheat, corn, or soy.

6 Week LifeStyle Wellness Course

Taught by Dr. Lisa Newman

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You know that proper diet and supplementation will improve and extend your life. The same holds true for animals! Optimal health for your pet doesn’t require a Masters or enormous investments of money. Dr. Lisa Newman, N.D., Ph.D., takes over 20 years of proven, clinical research and real-life applications to show you, “Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets – The Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle”.

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Stella & Chewy’s Demo Sat, Dec 7, 10am – 4pm

Oracle Location

Stella & Chewy’s has an amazing story so come learn about it at our Oracle location.


Nature’s Logic Demo Sun, Dec 20, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Broadway Location

Come learn about Nature’s Logic at our Broadway location.

Q&A: Why should I give my pet supplements? 

Even with the best quality, balanced diet, nutritional supplementation is necessary to provide many nutrients now missing from our food chain. Many pets have physical ailments and weaknesses requiring additional nutritional support for symptom reversal. Also, years of over-breeding has left many breeds genetically predisposed to certain conditions. With proper supplementation, these pets can lead healthy happy lives. 

Valley Fever in Arizona?

This fungal infestation found in the arid Southwestern United States is often fatal, and treatment with chemical anti-fungal drugs seems to temporarily suppress symptoms and have harsh side effects to the liver and kidneys. Azmira’s Yeast & Fungal D’Tox has been quite effective in reversing fungal counts.

Q&A: My Veterinarian recommends topical pest preventatives for my naturally raised pet. Will it hurt them?

During 2006-2007, Dr. Newman and her staff reported that 100% of Lymphosarcoma cases in dogs (common deadly cancer) who sought Azmira’s help, were previously given several rounds of Oral and Topical heart-worm, flea & tick preventative ‘medications’ that are now believed to be the triggers of these cancer cases. In reality, you are ‘poisoning’ your pet monthly in hopes that a pest bites them, ingesting the poison, and dies before reproducing. “In reality,” Dr. Newman teaches, “your pet is also being poisoned! Nature doesn’t kill the body, in order to protect it!”