Helpful Hints: PUDGY PETS easily lose weight when fed a natural, by-product and chemical-free diet. When fed according to their ‘intended’ weight, as best discussed with your veterinarian, and listed on pet food containers, they gently slim down without any sense of loss, or hunger. Raw, fresh carrots, celery and bell peppers pieces can substitute for fattening snacks. Plus, ‘dehydrated’ sliced carrots, beets and whole string beans (K9 Granola Factory) make a crunchy substitute for ‘cookies!’ Learn more about us HERE.


Since Nature is the ultimate chef for dogs, Nature’s Kitchen® combines the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative cooking process in the industry to create the healthiest and most nutritionally balanced food for your dog. Your dog’s health is our focus, so we maintain the highest standards for our ingredients – ALL Natural, NO preservatives, NO byproducts, NO fillers, NO meals, NO binders, and absolutely NO wheat, corn, or soy.

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Dogs will sure love that extra OMPH you put in their normal meals and you will love their reaction. Stella & Chewy’s remarkable story has laid the foundation for their incredible freeze dried meals. Take some home today.

The cat version features smaller nibbles designed to accomodate the cats eating habits (mine uses her paw sometimes to grab her kibble). The picture above of their Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey Dinner is one of our best selling.

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Active cats are happy cats

Ensure your cats are purring in your lap after a nice wrestle session with their favorite toy. Save money and spread happiness to your feline. I recommend the Go-Cat Da Bird with Rod.

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February 22nd

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  • Organic Chicken Feed and Supplements by Scratch and Peck Feeds “you are what your animals eat”
  • Bird Treats and Supplies by Hilton Herbs and Pacific Bird
  • Frozen Par-Broiled and Raw Foods by Maverick Pet Foods, Inc.
  • K9 Granola Factory and Koda Pet Treats
  • Tuffy Toys

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Q&A: Since I follow The LifeStyle, naturally-rearing my animals and avoiding chemicals, why should I see a vet unless for emergency? 

A- Because, it is foolish to train for the Olympics without a coach! In my 1984 article, ‘How to be Your Veterinarian’s Best Friend!’ I made strong arguments, based on the fact that so many pet-parents either willingly or ignorantly, let their pets suffer needlessly – that yearly visits for ‘well-checks’ including recommended vaccines, bloodwork, dental care, etc. – would help more easily ‘prevent/catch’ serious dis-ease in time to more effectively reverse it with holistic remedies! Plus, if (when!) emergency hits, is not the time to introduce your pet to a new vet! The more your vet knows about your pet at the time of it’s unfortunate situation, the better prepared they will be to save a life.

  • - Dr. Lisa S. Newman, N.D., Ph.D., founder of The LifeStyle’s Three Simple Steps