TIMELY TIPS: Is your dog or cat a bit aggressive, perhaps fearful, obsessive, frustrated, anxious or hates to be left alone – resulting in destructive behavior? You are not alone! Behavioral problems account for the majority of abused and abandoned pets each year, while many others end up alone and suffering in the back yard due to simple misunderstandings about their true emotional needs. Regardless of their history, or even if you don’t know of it, perhaps due to adoption, we can help you! We now have TUFFY® and Mighty Dog® Toys which are “tiger-tested” to be virtually indestructible, providing hours of entertainment to reduce boredom, a major source of disciplinary problems. We also carry Azmira® “Flower Power” remedies to help with attitude adjustments.

Scratch and Peck Feed | 10% OFF Sale on October 27th – 28th

From Scratch and Peck’s site: Scratch and Peck Feeds is a family company and our family includes everyone who wants to make honest and true choices about their food and where it comes from. We’re a kinship of people who know that we’re all connected and that “you are what your animals eat.” We’re committed to making wise choices in how we use the resources we’ve been given so our customers can use our feeds with confidence. Every time we make a decision about our feeds and their manufacture, we think about the consequences of our actions, both now and on future generations.

Koda Pet Treats


100% USA sourced and made dog Treats. The Papa Psuka, their most liked flavor is a delicious combo of Natural American Beef and is totally grain free, corn free, soy free, wheat free and gluten free. Their other flavors are fantastic as well including a bison mix called Papa Icahi and an ORGANIC beef liver treat called Casakala. Come check them out!

K9 Granola

About K9 Granola Factory: At the K9 GRANOLA FACTORY, our mission is simple. Provide nutrient rich, heart-healthy treats and supplements for your pet. Our ORIGINAL line started it all by offering power packed granola, blended with timeless dog favorites such as peanut butter, carob and honey. Life on the run means needing to pick treats wisely. At K9 GRANOLA FACTORY, we give you an ever expanding list of all natural options. We take the guess work out of good nutrition!

Week of October 20 – October 25, 2014

Monday & Tuesday : $3 OFF HILTON HERBS!

Hilton Herbs are tried and tested products that are 100% herbal. They contain no additives, carriers or animal by-products. In 2015 Hilton Herbs celebrates its 25th year in business.

Wednesday : 2 for $13.87 Casakala Koda Pet

Healthy baked beef treat in ‘sticks’ Made with organic California grown beef No soy, corn, or wheat – naturally grain & gluten FREE Ingredients: Organic USA Beef Organs including Beef Liver, Low Fat Beef Broth, Vegetables in Season (including carrots, beans, potatoes, peas, squash), Molasses, Eggs

Thursday : Yucca 2 oz = $14.50

This product contains a proprietary blend of pure concentrated Yucca Extract (85% bio-available saponins) and Potassium Sorbate (mineral-based stabilizer at 0.1%). Yucca Intensive reduces pain and inflammation as well as bute and aspirin without gastric side-effects. For arthritis, bone and joint problems, soft tissue swelling, digestive, bowel problems and colic. Tissue swelling reduces the blood flow through injured areas, toxins build up, irritating the liver and kidneys. Yucca cleanses these organs, promotes blood flow and tissue repair while preventing further degeneration of injured tissues. Reduces the “itch” of allergies. May reduce inflammation in brain areas responsible for seizure activity.

Friday & Saturday : TRICK OR TREAT – buy any treat and get $2.00 off training book

Written for every pet owner, Dr. Lisa S. Newman, N.D., Ph.D. has written an easy to use pocket guide series of books covering the major issues of the Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle. Condition specific titles are useful for all animals – Dr. Newman’s years of work have touched on everything from cats and dogs to birds and horses along with lizards and snakes.


*Sorry, these discounts CANNOT be combined with other offers*

October 24th @ 5 PM | FIRST EVER dog-friendly screening of Frankenweenie at The Loft Cinema – Doggy Treat Cart 

the loft cinema frankenweenie

The Loft Cinema’s first ever dog friendly screening for Frankenweenie, behind the Loft Cinema on Speedway, Friday October 24th at 6:30 PM. The audience is welcome to bring their dogs to lounge on the turf while they enjoy this fun Tim Burton film. Food Trucks for humans will be there and Holistic Animal Care will have some yummy and healthful treats for all the poochies starting at 5 pm. A portion of the proceeds will benefit PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving). There is a doggie costume contest as well! Come visit Corina at the pet treat cart on the patio and have a Happy Howl-oween!

October 25th @ 1:30PM | Holistic Animal Care Valley Fever Seminar, “The Fungus Among Us” at Bark Avenue Pet Supply in Mesa with Dr. Lisa S. Newman

holistic animal care shoppes

Lisa S. Newman, who holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition, will take the mystery out of raising healthy pets as nature intended, with proven safe and effective feeding and healthcare protocols. She has formulated over 150 natural products for Azmira Holistic Animal Care®. The products were formulated to deal with almost every physical and emotional health problem pets can develop. Her three simple steps to pet wellness help pets stimulate their natural potential to maintain optimal health. The Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle can help you prevent disease or reverse chronic and balances that may be the root cause of your pet’s problem.

Fungus Among Us

Bark Avenue will be scheduling appointments for individual natural pet care consultations with Dr. Newman at Bark Avenue Pet Supply during the morning of October 25th. Fifteen minute consult – Fee is $40. Please call 480-832-2510 for reservations, of click the Facebook icon to join the event and get more information.


October 26th @ 10AM – 2PM | Dogtoberfest for Handi-Dogs


Where else can you and your dog do so many fun and unique things together! Handi-Dogs is a great organization the The Shoppes loves to support! Come visit our booth at this event for some freebies and giveaways! Join The Holistic Animal Care Shoppes AT this Carnival for Dogs! Bring your dog to this annual fun day celebrating the love we have for our dogs. Lots of activities for you to do with your dog…plus for people there’s a live band, food and yes, a beer garden! All to benefit Handi-Dogs, Inc.! Learn more at http://www.DogtoberfestAZ.org/ .

Q&A: Why should I give my pet supplements? 

Even with the best quality, balanced diet, nutritional supplementation is necessary to provide many nutrients now missing from our food chain. Many pets have physical ailments and weaknesses requiring additional nutritional support for symptom reversal. Also, years of over-breeding has left many breeds genetically predisposed to certain conditions. With proper supplementation, these pets can lead healthy happy lives. 

Valley Fever in Arizona?

This fungal infestation found in the arid Southwestern United States is often fatal, and treatment with chemical anti-fungal drugs seems to temporarily suppress symptoms and have harsh side effects to the liver and kidneys. Azmira’s Yeast & Fungal D’Tox has been quite effective in reversing fungal counts.

Q&A: My Veterinarian recommends topical pest preventatives for my naturally raised pet. Will it hurt them?

During 2006-2007, Dr. Newman and her staff reported that 100% of Lymphosarcoma cases in dogs (common deadly cancer) who sought Azmira’s help, were previously given several rounds of Oral and Topical heart-worm, flea & tick preventative ‘medications’ that are now believed to be the triggers of these cancer cases. In reality, you are ‘poisoning’ your pet monthly in hopes that a pest bites them, ingesting the poison, and dies before reproducing. “In reality,” Dr. Newman teaches, “your pet is also being poisoned! Nature doesn’t kill the body, in order to protect it!”